St Xavier's Higher Secondary School

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Mandatory disclosure

St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School Pathaliaghat

School Uniform

On Mondays - Tuesday & on Thursdays-Fridays :-

Boys:Dark Gray shorts (Class VI upwards Trousers)

Girls:Dark Gray skirts (Till knee), White ribbon/ ribbon band.

For All: White shirts with stiff color, short sleeves and pocket monogram.Black shoes and school gray socks with white stripes School belt and school tie.

On Weadnesdays & Saturdays :-

Boys: Blue Track Suits

Girls: Blue Track Suits, White ribbon/ ribbon band.

For All: School T-shirts as per the house system, White P T shoes and white socks with black stripes.


Other info :

1. All girls must use white hair bands and/ or tie their hair neatly with whith ribbon. Mehendi, Kajal, bindi nail polish, perfumes, bangles and tabits (visible) are not allowed.

2. Boys are not allowed to grow hair long. It should be neatly cut periodically.

3. Omaments and jewellery of any kind are not allowed in the school.

4. Every student should wear a clean, complete and correct uniform daily. A pupil who comes to school without proper uniform or whose uniform is untidy and/ or ill-fitting will not be allowed to attend the classes.

5. Students should have sufficient sets of uniform.

6. School uniform clothes are provided by the school at a concessional rate. This is to check the shade of colour of the Uniform.

7. Both boys and girls need to tuck in their shirt. No students are allowed to wear the pants or skirts below their waist. It needs to be well placed on their waist: else a fine of Rs 20/ will be charged each time.

8. Shoes need to be polished daily and kept clean from dust and dirt:
else a fine of Rs. 20/ will be charged each time.

9. No student is allowed to pluck hairs from their eye-brows. If anybody is found with plucked eye-brows he/she will be fined Rs. 100/- and a week of suspension from the school.

Wednesday and Saturday