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St. Xavier's Higher Secondary School Pathaliaghat

Games and Sports are an integral part of St. Xavier's academic life. 

Games and sports are very important for human life. It makes us fit, active, fresh, and social. They teach us a lesson about coordination and discipline. Games and sports also develop brotherhood and unity in us. It has much value in the development of the body as well as our brain.  A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

Games and Sports

Games and Sports give the best exercise to the body. The toned body becomes active and energetic through physical exercise in games. In this way games and sports not only freshen the mind but improve the internal strength of the body, making digestion good. It also teaches students the value of discipline and the lesson of coordination and brotherhood to students.

Importance of Games and Sports

There is great importance of games and sports in our life. The games make active and healthy and health is true wealth. Our body is like a machine and it helps to run a  machine smoothly by providing it with proper exercise and strength. They teach us team spirit also. The importance of games and sports in maintaining our physical as well as mental health. They teach us cooperation In games, the player thinks for the whole team.

The players develop the spirit of self-sacrifice. Games and sports also help in increasing the IQ of students and the ability of the mind. Young and interested people can have a bright carrier in the sports profession too. Participation in sports is helpful for everyone. We must regularly take part in at least one sport to stay fit and fine. Teachers and parents should also encourage children to participate in sports.