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About Our Patron

St. Francis Xavier - Our Patron
(1506- 1552)

St. Francis Xavier was born in Spain. His parents were wealthy and belonging to a princely family. As a student he came to Paris to continue his University studies. It was in Paris that he came in contact with Ignatius of Loyola, an ex-solder. Francis who wanted to become famous was encouraged by Ignatius to do great things in life. He was constantly reminded by Ignatius "Francis, what does it profit a man if he wins the whole world but loses his Soul". This thought provoking challenge worked in his mind until he gave up his worldly life, offered himself to God and became a priest. He joined the Jesuit Order and opted to work in India.

Francis came to the Western Coast of India and worked among the poor fishermen of Goa. He learnt their language and began to talk to them about the love of God. Later he went over to Tamil Nadu, then to Sri Lanka. From there he sailed to Indochina. His zeal to spread the good News of Jesus, led him to Japan and there he taught them in their language. His greatest desire was to take the Teaching of Christ to China. Since outsiders were not allowed in the country, Francis offered himself to be smuggled into China. He waited in the island of Shangchwang for two months to be taken into China. There he fell ill and died on 2nd December 1552. His body was brought to Goa in the following year and is still preserved there in an uncorrupted form. He was declared a saint and the patron of the Missions in 1622. Today, thousands of people go to Goa to pay homage to this wonderful Missionary saint.

Francis gives every young person a special call to strive for success in spite of difficulties due to language, culture, customs, caste, colour and even violence. He asks everyone to achieve the true wealth of peace, harmony and love for one another.

May St. Francis Xavier, our patron help us to work with dedication, and lead us to Truth and Love.