St Xavier's Higher Secondary School
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Absence and Leave

1. Staying away from the school without leave is not permitted, except when the cause is sudden illness. No leave of absence will be sanctioned nor will a pupil be allowed to go away from the school during the school hours without a prior written application for leave from his/her guardian stating the reasons. Birthdays, Excursions, Festivals, Urgent Business, time to study for examination etc. are not sufficient reasons for leave.

2. After an absencce from class, the pupil must bring the reasons for absence duly entered in the Absence Leave Record and Signed by parents or guardian, Medical certificate is to be furnished when leave is taken on medical grounds.

3. Pupil must not absent themselves from  the school on the day prior to holidays or tests/exams. They must rejoin the classes after the holidays on the re-opening day. Any breach of this rule without prior written application and permission will be considered a serious offence and is punishable.

4. Those absent on the re-opening day after vacation (except those with prior written permission) must be accompanied by their parents to the school on the joining day. A fine of Rs 100/- per absent calendar day is levied on the defaulters.

5. A pupil who has been absent for six calender days (including holidays) without due written authorization from the Principal will be considered as having left the school, and his /her name struck off the rolls and may not be re-admitted and /or he/she will be suspended from  the school for an equal number of calendar days he/she was absent.

6. Any leave involving more than six calendar days must be applied for in person and a written permission obtained from Principal. No telephonic information will be accepted.

7. Pupils should have a minimum of 85% attendance to be eligible for appearing in the Terminal Exams.

8. Students having 100% attendance will receive merit Certificates.

9. On working days students will not be allowed to leave the campus.

10. A late arrival is a breach of discipline. A student who comes late to school must enter the date and time of arrival in the Regularity Record under Late Arrival. Late Arrivals may be punished each time. Students who come late habitually may be sent home to bring the guardians. To enter the class, the entry in the record has to be counter signed by the principal and has to be shown to the class teacher.